Pain Management

Mercy River Hills Surgery Center has an ongoing commitment to pain management. The promotion of pain management is viewed as a priority in maintaining basic human dignity, as all patients have a right to pain relief.

There are many ways to control your pain. You will be much more comfortable if you know what to expect. It is very important that you ask your doctors or nurses questions. It is also very important to let your nurse or doctor know if your medication is not working so changes can be made to make you feel better.

Measuring Your Pain

You will frequently be asked to rate your pain. This tells the doctor and nurse whether the pain medicine is working or if it needs to be adjusted or changed. For example: if 0 means you are having no pain and 10 is the worst possible pain, how would you rate your pain?
Types of Pain Control
There are many types of pain medication and different ways to give them. You may have one type of medication or a combination of medications to best control your pain. It is very important that you tell your nurse if your medicine is not working. Sometimes the amount of medicine needs to be changed to give you better pain control.
During your stay with us you may be given pain medication directly into your IV. This type of pain relief works within minutes and can control even severe pain.
Pain Pills
Once you are able to eat and drink you may be started on pain pills. Pain pills take about 20-30 minutes to start working. They will work best if taken prior to activity that may increase pain. If possible, take them with food.