Anesthesia is an important part of any surgery, including outpatient surgeries performed at Mercy River Hills Surgery Center. We believe that there is no such thing as minor surgery, so we provide the same high levels of care, experience, equipment and patient monitoring that a hospital provides in its main surgery department.

The four types of anesthesia administered here are:

  • General anesthesia, which puts you to sleep during the entire operation;
  • IV conscious sedation, in which a registered nurse and your surgeon monitor your care and give you light sedative medications in conjunction with local anesthesia;
  • Regional anesthesia, which anesthetizes the part of the body where the surgery will take place, such as a hand or arm;
  • Local anesthesia, which is administered by injection by your surgeon.

A staff anesthesiologist and/or surgeon are responsible for all anesthesia care you receive. Your fitness for anesthesia and your safety are the anesthesiologist's and surgeons primary concerns. It's important for you to report if any changes have occurred in your physical condition since the day your surgery was scheduled.