After Surgery

To our patients and families, we request that at least one family member remains in the waiting room until your surgery is over. This is to ensure them the opportunity to visit with your physician after surgery.

After your surgery you may go directly to the Phase I Recovery Room or Phase II Discharge Area. If you have received a general anesthesia or heavy sedation you will be admitted to the Phase I Recovery Room. This is a critical stage of your recovery. In order to provide you with optimal care and privacy, family members are not allowed in Phase I Recovery Room. If an hour or more has passed, your family should feel free to ask the receptionist to call the Recovery Room staff for an update.

When you are awake and comfortable, your nurse will move you to a recliner in the Phase II Discharge Area. This allows time for some of the effects of anesthesia to wear off and enables our staff members to make sure you are feeling well enough to go home. Your family will be asked to join you once you are comfortably settled. They may remain with you until you are ready to go home. You will be discharged home according to your physician's orders. Discharge usually occurs within one hour after your surgery is completed. However, each patient and procedure is different so your discharge time may vary.

You will not be allowed to leave Mercy River Hills Surgery Center alone if you have had a general anesthetic, regional anesthesia or a sedative. If it is necessary for you to leave by taxi, you must have a responsible adult over the age of 18 to accompany you.

For your comfort and safety do not drive, operate machinery, drink alcoholic beverages, make any important decisions or take any medication not prescribed by your physician for at least 24 hours after you are discharged.

A nurse from the Mercy River Hills Surgery Center will attempt to call you the next business day after your procedure to determine your health status and to answer any questions you have following your surgery. You may be given a patient satisfaction form to fill out and return to our center following your surgery. It is very important for you to return the postage paid form to allow us to provide the best care possible at our center. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.